14 July 2011

the birth story..

i admit that it wasn't an easy one since i've been experiencing lots of complications throughout this pregnancy. it was the morning of 8th June when i was admitted to the hospital due to premature contraction at 35th week. i was put under 24 hours monitoring + medication to stop the contraction & 2 injections for the baby's lungs maturity. the injections were so painful & the pain lasts for at least 30 minutes...pergh!!since it was only 35 weeks, my gynae adviced not to give birth at that time since the baby is too young & afraid that a lot of problems would occur. however, the injections are given in case i need to deliver the baby in between that week.

i was discharged with 10 days mc - for bedrest. my next appointment was 10 days later at 36th week & i was given another 8 days mc for me to continue my rest days. at first it was fun to leave the office but later i have started to feel bored - extremely bored since i have limitation in my movement & i couldn't play much with pishimen. when i approached the 37th week i knew that it was safe to deliver anytime this time so i started to move around & do housework as usual.

night of 26th June, i suggested to inche' riki that we go to the hospital since i've been having frequent contraction since afternoon. i have been walking a lot few days before & therefore my feet are badly swollen. i was admitted that night & brought to the labour room & was put on with CTG. the nurse found out that my baby's heartbeat was unusually high between 170 to 200 while the normal rate are only at 120 to 160. my gynae decided that i was put to rest that night & to bring me back to the labour room tomorrow morning.

as early as 6 am i was brought to the labour room to record my CTG. Alhamdulillah, my baby's heartbeat is back to normal. nearly 8 am my gynae arrived & she checked & told me that if everything is ok i can give birth that morning. i was shocked & barely unprepared as i thought it's going to be another false alarm like the previous one.

i took my breakfast & prepared myself for the birth process. it was 10am when i actually felt the peak of the contraction pain. the staff nurse performed membrane rupture (pecahkan ketuban) & noticed that my baby was still high & she's afraid that either the baby was not in the right position or the umbilical cord was going around him. i just can't think at the moment & prayed that eveything will be alright.

luckily inche' riki was by my side all the time. he guided me on how to breath & how to push. automatically at that moment i couldn't remember anything & thank god he was at the right place at the right time. i need to do extra pushings to help my baby get to the opening. finally at 11.49 am my baby arrived safely - assisted kiwi vacuum since tali pusat dia dah terbelit kat leher. i was very tired, even more tired than the first time i deliver. after they bathe my baby, they bring him for inche' riki to azan & soon after i started breastfeeding him. it felt so peaceful...

as for the big brother - so far he really loves his baby brother. he would pat on the cheek while he was breastfed & won't let anyone disturbs while his baby brother was sleeping. hopefully they will be best friends - after all...what brothers are for, right?

02 July 2011

new addition

say hi to this new freshie...farish irfan bin iswandy..
born on 27th June 2011 @ 11.49am

the best ayah & husband on earth. thanks inche' riki for being there for me..every single day

06 June 2011

becoming a big brother..

it's already 35 weeks & based on past experience, my baby can arrive anytime soon - takut coz dah x brape nk igt sakit nye cemane..

back to pishi..he's becoming more responsible now. he can take care of his own clothes, pack his own bag, eat on his own, more words vocabulary & it is fun to hear he mumbles coz his words are still 'pelat'. plus, he's as clumsy as i am & he's a true copy cat of me when it comes to wearing shoes - terbalik!

he also doesn't really cares about his toys..he has got new interest now : namely stickers & magnets. the best thing is he called the stickers as 'tempek'...hahaha...mmg la sticker tu die tempek kat merate2 tempat kat umah tu. he also had new obsession on his new game that actually we bought as family game but currently he has been conquering the game to his own self - the tumbling monkeys (as seen on tv).but as long as he clean up the mess after he has done playing i'm okay with that...

few pictures to share..

...kat mane2 pon boleh tempek sticker...

...dah jadi co-pilot ayah skarang...

...baju favorite - misti kene ade bendera Malaysia tp die panggil baju 1 Malaysia...

26 May 2011

bulan2 terakhir pregnancy...

sob..sob..rase mcm kejap je pregnen kali ni. maybe sbb busy dgn office work & dah ade pishi kat umah utk menambahkan kesibukan yg sedia ada...tp pregnancy kali ni mmg byk stress nye :

1. restructuring of the company - since new management have take over our company (no longer under UEM group)for sure management baru nk restructure blk company organisation & masukkan org2 die sikit sebanyak dlm board of management. i was meant to be separated with my team for the last 2++ years...huhu...bye2 MEU. me and another colleague were transferred to other department due to the request from our new deparment's director. the first 3 weeks were very hard for us to adapt since we have to cope with 2 deparment's work & tender (restructuring yg tak terancang langsung...JD pon xde..haprak btol)...not mentioning location opis kat tingkat yg atas skali & xde lif..huwaaa!!!! kembang kempis lubang idung sementare nk sampai tuh. mmg komfem la senang nk besalin (insya-Allah)

2. breech positionig - last month's check up triggers me that i have to save more money if baby still in breech position time nk besalin nnt. huwaa...baby...cepat2 la pusing, ibu simpan duit cukup2 je ni. nk claim company pon bukan dorang bayar full..itu pun kalau management baru x kacau medical benefit kitorang. tp management baru ni bagus dari segi welfare...so i'm not that worried la. tomorrow is my 8th month's check up - hopefully baby dah pusing turun bawah so x de la ibu stress2 ye...

3. travelling - this past 2 months we travelled a lot (almost every weekend) & my feet swell faster than my previous pregnancy. up to next month we still need to travel to attend weddings - huwaa!!! ramai btol sedare mara nk kawen cuti sekolah ni. i will have 2 cousins' weddings on 1st july, i don't really think i could make it as my due date is just around the corner.

4. preparation - these few weeks i realized that i haven't really prepare to welcome the new baby on board...since it's going to be another baby boy so i don't have to worry on the clothing but still...i have bought few new garments for him - can't help it! i already have a long list of items to be purchased & hopefully i will have ample time to finish my shopping task before the arrival.

5. weight - every month mase nk check up misti takut nk naik weighing scale tuh. setiap bulan akan dgr nombor2 yg x disangka2...i gain a lot more than the first pregnancy. letih btol la kang nk turunkan balik (xtau la boleh turun ke x pon)..selulit2 yg 2 tahun lepas pon masih terkumpul & dah jd selulit senior utk selulit2 junior yg baru nk bermastautin kat badan aku nih

as of pishi...he has grown up so fast. dah byk kemahiran hidup die tau..termasuk la lagu ABC, kire 1-10 (mase naik tangge je), lagu twinkle2, lagu london bridge & beberape lagu cinta yg kitorang pon xtau bile mase die dgr & hapal. die pon dah tau nk dapat adik & every night he would ask me if he could touch my stomach & play with adik baby..xtau ler kalau dlm perut ni die mesra lagi..kang dah keluar die gigit pulak budak kecik tu.

11 May 2011

i've been thinking

...maybe i should stop blogging for a while..or just close the blog account. i'm very occupied with a lot of things & no more leisure time to blog :(

03 March 2011

pishi's new hairdo



selepas kejadian potong rambut, pishi adelah sangat2 super nakal & cheeky. adekah setiap kali potong rambut akan jd mcm ni??...huwaaaa!!